Dec 11, 2015

JUST SUET: Chewing the Fat About Your New Kitchen Essential

When it comes to pastries and deep-frying – butter, oil or lard are the most common ingredients. With growing health...

Nov 27, 2015

HEALTHY HOG: 5 Reasons to Include Pork in a Balanced Diet

While there has been a lot of bad press about processed pork recently, not every cut of pig is as unhealthy as bacon ...

Nov 13, 2015

BRAISE THE STEAKS: Flavourful, Affordable Braising Steak

The most common and universal steak available on the market anywhere in the world is generally known as braising ste...

Oct 30, 2015

EASY AS PIE: Tourtière Explained

While it may seem foreign to some, tourtière is as Canadian as maple syrup, hockey or poutine. A classic Quebecois...

Oct 15, 2015

LEFTOVERS ARE THE BEST PART: 5 Turkey Leftover Hacks

Whether late night, first thing in the morning or lunch the next day– leftovers are often considered a highlight of ...

Oct 1, 2015

PARTY FOWLS: Dos and Don’ts for Cooking the Perfect Turkey

From major holidays to Sunday dinners, a beautifully done turkey is often the most sought-after centerpiece. While p...

Sep 17, 2015

ON THE LAMB: Enjoying the Health and Culinary Benefits of Lamb Meat

Lamb is an interesting variety of meat. While common enough to be found on most dinner tables once and a while, it i...

Aug 31, 2015


The following list outlines D’Arcy’s stock of exotic meats for the adventurous palate. While some animals may seem b...

Aug 17, 2015


Many homecooks avoid meats that seem exotic or difficult to cook. The fact is many of these “exotic” meats boast lon...

Aug 3, 2015

SUMMER SCHOOL: D’Arcy’s Guide to the Perfect Burger

For many people, the perfect companions on a hot summer day are a cool beverage and a grilled hamburger. It’s hard t...

Jul 14, 2015

TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: Grass-Fed vs. Grass-Finished/Grain-Fed Beef

All cows are raised on grass… for a little while. While grain-fed cattle often do graze pastures for part of their l...

Jun 30, 2015

RAISE THE STEAKS: Why Buy Steak at a Butcher Shop?

Predicting the weather, playing blackjack, picking out a cut of meat… there are some things we tell ourselves we’re ...
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