Jan 30, 2017


If you have been out to eat in the last few years, you probably have heard or seen the words “pork belly” on a menu o...

Nov 29, 2016

Learn More about Mangalitsa Pork

Mangalitsa or Mangalica (pronounced man-gal-eets-a) is a breed of pork that is gaining both recognition and appreciat...

Nov 27, 2015

HEALTHY HOG: 5 Reasons to Include Pork in a Balanced Diet

While there has been a lot of bad press about processed pork recently, not every cut of pig is as unhealthy as bacon ...

Oct 30, 2015

EASY AS PIE: Tourtière Explained

While it may seem foreign to some, tourtière is as Canadian as maple syrup, hockey or poutine. A classic Quebecois...

Jun 17, 2015

GO HOG WILD: D’Arcy’s Ultimate Guide to Your Backyard Pig Roast

With more and more shows like BBQ Pitmasters and Epic Meal Time becoming popular, the idea of hosting your own large...

Jul 30, 2014


We all know it: bacon is a staple of the Internet Age. It’s hard to surf food sites or scroll through Facebook withou...

Aug 21, 2013

Know Your Meat: Wild Boar

For Something Wild, Try Boar Lovers of pork and of wild game alike turn to wild boar to make meals more exciting. Rec...

Jul 21, 2013

Know Your Meat: Suckling Pig

A Suckling Pig Makes It a Party You’ve probably seen a suckling pig before even if you’ve never had the chance to tas...

Jan 4, 2013

Pulled Pork Barbeque: A Perfect Dish for a cold Edmonton Weekend

There’s a simple secret to a tender pork roast that falls off the bone and can be separated with a fork: time. The mo...
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