READY, SET… GRILL! 5 BBQ Maintenance Tips

Here in Alberta, grilling season can last all year round– but no downtime doesn’t mean you can’t keep your BBQ in tip-top shape. In fact, regular use can actually help your grill maintain its effectiveness and durability. Are you curious about how to best handle your grilling equipment? Consult the pros here at D’Arcy’s Meat Market and our guide below for the top tips we’ve discovered over our decades of experience.


Whether you are cleaning off last night’s morsels or a winter’s worth of dust and debris, it pays to keep your grill neat and tidy. To clean your BBQ properly, first turn the heat up to high and allow it to come to temperature. Once it’s hot enough, scrape and scour the grill with a wire brush, steel pad or even balled up tinfoil held with tongs.


While a clean grill is important, it is even more crucial not to remove the seasoning from your BBQ’s grate. What you may perceive as a dirty, black crust is actually a safe, microscopic layer that stops food from sticking and can even prevent rust. When scraping your grill, ensure you don’t press so hard to reveal shiny metal. Apply a neutral cooking oil with a paper towel once reasonably clean to maintain a seasoned finish.


Modern BBQs are practically maintenance free and they are so reliable we may even forget that they can present safety hazards if left unchecked. Before each use, check that all connections are secure– especially between the propane tank and your grill’s regulator. Ensure all hoses are free of cracks and that, when lit, flames flow smoothly out of each gas jet. If you use charcoal, always dispose of your coals safely in an ash can or else you risk starting a dangerous fire.


It may seem like an unnecessary investment for those with covered patios or room to store their grills indoors, but a proper BBQ cover can add years to your grill’s life. Not only does a well-fitted cover protect against dirt, dust and debris– it also can keep unwanted pests from infesting or damaging your equipment. If your grill is exposed to the elements, a weighted, lined cover offers a significant form of rust prevention.


If you want both your grill and your BBQ utensils to last as long as possible, it is essential to use the right tools for the job. Long-handled tongs, a sturdy spatula, a flexible flipper and a quality grill brush or scouring pad are the first four things to keep close at hand. Using improper tools can damage the utensils themselves and cheap, low quality products can do more harm than good.

As you can see above, there are many strategies and solutions to allow your grill, its accessories and the food you prepare to live up to its full potential. Don’t risk a disappointment– follow our tips and bring any questions or concerns to the experts here at D’Arcy’s Meat Market today!

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