BBQ&A: Choosing the Best Meat for Your Backyard Bash

Summers on the Canadian prairies bring out another side of home cooks– many of us leave the stuffy kitchen behind and head to the backyard, the cottage or even the balcony to fire up the grill. 100% Alberta beef dogs and pork hotlinks are classics for sure, but you may want to expand your horizons eventually. Are you planning your next gourmet grill gathering? Consult D’Arcy’s guide below for answers to your most burning questions.

I’m cooking for a crowd on a budget, what should I grill?

As we said above, there’s nothing wrong with a good ol’ ballpark frank– but next time, try spicing it up with a variety of sausages, wursts or smokies. Of course, hamburgers are another budget barbecue favourite that can be reinvented again and again with a myriad of mix-ins. Also, both pork and beef ribs can be purchased in bulk, prepped ahead of time and cooked to order. For more variations, customize all of the above with unique toppings, condiments and garnishes.

What’s a good grilling option for a handful of dinner party guests?

With a smaller crowd, you’ll have more budget with which to work. For the most mouthwatering results, splurge on premium cuts like porterhouses or ribeyes and consider spending a little extra for specialty products such as dry aged or grass-fed meats. Additionally, fewer guests means more real estate on your grill– make the most of it and opt for larger slabs of meat that would be unmanageable with larger groups.

I need a hearty cut of meat that’s easy to prepare for several people– suggestions?

If the situation calls for a step up from burgers and dogs, there are many approaches that will leave all of your guests satisfied. Beef or pork tenderloin prepared whole not only looks impressive– it can be cooked slowly and mostly unattended, it can be reimagined with different stuffings or seasonings and it can be sliced to the appetite of each diner. Strip steaks are boneless, tender and easy to cook in large or small batches. Whole beef brisket must be cooked over indirect heat for several hours, but it is unparalleled in taste and tenderness when done correctly.

The pros here at D’Arcy’s know that every grillmaster has their own style, so you can rely on us to help you select the perfect cut for any occasion. The above questions are only a small sample of the wisdom and advice we can offer when you choose us to supply your next barbecue. More questions? Other concerns? Contact or visit us today!

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