At D’Arcy’s Meats, not only do we offer the best local meat available, but we also provide a few additional services!

Keep reading to find out more about our custom meat cutting service, our knife sharpening services, and our dedication to filling special orders and requests!

Custom Meat Cutting & Sausage Making

D’Arcy’s Meats offers custom cutting on freshly caught game such as deer, moose, and elk. We can cut your meat to most specifications, including unusual or specialty cuts.

Reliable, high-quality wild game processing isn’t always easy to come by in Edmonton. However, when you’re returning from a weekend trip with an elk, deer, or brace of game, bring your prize to D’Arcy’s Meats!

Make sure you get the most meat and the highest value from your kill. Call ahead to check our availability - we fill up quickly!

Note: We can only cut carcasses that have all accompanied licenses and tags, has been field-dressed and cleaned/washed with proof of sex and species attached. 

Knife Sharpening

Whether your cutting your own meat or are slicing and dicing vegetables in the kitchen, you need a knife that is sharp and can do the job.

D’Arcy’s Meats offers knife sharpening services using our mechanical grinders to ensure your knives are professionally sharpened!

There’s nothing worse than grabbing your trusty blade from your knife block only to find it won’t even slice through a tomato. You can prevent disaster in your kitchen by knowing when to have your knives professionally sharpened:

  • Food slips away when you’re cutting or chopping
  • It’s difficult to cut through rinds or skins
  • Your knife inaccurately or unevenly slices
  • Chopping takes a long time
  • You find yourself knicking or cutting your fingers
  • The blade is visibly damaged or feels less sharp than usual

Sharp knives save time, effort, and injuries - so make sure you take care of the most important tool in your kitchen arsenal. No Serrated, Japanese Knives, or Scissors please.

Special Orders & Requests

Here at D’Arcy’s Meats, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of quality meats, homemade specialties, and charcuteries.

However, if don’t have what you are looking for or require a custom cut or product, we are more than happy to fill any special requests you may have!

Give us a call or come visit us in-store to find out how we can “meat” your needs!

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