The 411 on Hormones & Antibiotics in Meat

cow in the field looking at youOnce groundbreaking, scientific discoveries, the words ‘hormones’ and ‘antibiotics’ have almost become curse words in some circles. There is an enormous amount of medical data about the use and effect of antibiotics and hormones on humans, animals and all facets in between. Unfortunately, this data seems to be ignored when it comes to flashy headlines and marketing claims about so-called “healthier” or “more natural” meat and eggs. The fact is major food producers and chains are capitalizing on the public’s fear of over-handled and over-processed products. So which is it– good or bad? The truth is somewhere in the middle and D’Arcy’s is here to fill you in! Keep reading for more info!


To some, it sounds like sci-fi– a small pellet is inserted under an animal’s skin and it releases regular doses of hormones. These customized hormone levels increase muscle growth in the animal, which increases the quality of the meat and reduces the amount of feed required over its life. The overall benefit of this modern advancement far outweighs the reported dangers, many of which are inconclusive thanks to new research. Only producers that abuse or ignore regulations put consumers at risk and they are handled with a zero-tolerance policy.

**FUN FACT: The lowest human output of estrogen occurs in pre-pubescent boys; to match their daily output, a person would have to eat approximately 225 kg of hormone-implanted beef per day– more than 8 cows’ worth! Claims of early onset puberty are now being tied to increased body fat levels in young children.**


Antibiotics, drug resistance and “superbugs” are all hot-button issues that get a lot of coverage across news outlets and popular media alike. It seems scary at first glance– discovering something that helps the human body, only to learn that too much of it can make its enemies even stronger! The fact is the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has regulations in place that ensure 99.9% of beef —both domestic and imported— has absolutely no antibiotic residue whatsoever. Drug resistance is also tracked by several Canadian agencies and medical cases of human illness due to drug resistant food poisoning are extremely rare.

**FUN FACT: Antibiotics are included in animal feed because it is safer to deliver medicine this way. Repeated injections delivered “as-needed” can actually hinder natural healing and do more harm than good.**

If any questions or fears about hormones and antibiotics in your meat and egg products– visit or contact D’Arcy’s today! Our knowledgeable staff is ready to address any concerns you might have, as we are deeply familiar with our suppliers and their practices.

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