Over the last few decades, food markets have been dominated by huge “box-store” chains thanks to a culture of convenience. Fortunately, people are now seeking a more reliable, better quality product– but how can someone on a budget justify paying higher prices by the pound? Keep reading for four value-adding reasons that will encourage consumers to vote with their dollar to support their local butcher, food industry and overall economy!


Many butchers, like D’Arcy’s Meat Market, have dozens of years (if not generations) of experience on their side! All professional butchers are well-trained, but there is a wealth of knowledge that is exclusive to independent butchers that manage every aspect of their businesses. Since your satisfaction is our first priority, we are happy to pass that knowledge and experience on as advice to all of our customers.


The butcher counter at your favourite chain may have a wide selection, but is often the same choices over and over again. Independent butchers provide an unparalleled flexibility when it comes to custom orders or special preparations. We also curate our inventory based on seasonal quality and taste. The digital age has broadened food options of families and gourmands alike– allow us to handle any of your needs, such as a regular order or a special request.


Local butchers know they cannot be as convenient as supermarkets, wholesale clubs or frozen food retail chains– so butchers ensure they have the edge when it comes to quality. D’Arcy’s exclusively uses reputable, local sources that deliver only the freshest products without exception. Eat better food and support local businesses, choose a butcher!


While a plastic-wrapped slab of ground chuck is easy to grab alongside your milk and bread, do you really know when that meat was prepared and what went into it? When you visit a butcher like D’Arcy’s, you can see almost every step of the process: choose your cut, have it prepared to order and walk out knowing your meat wasn’t handled unnecessarily. Our butchers can also tell you where your meat came from, when it arrived and how long it will stay fresh.

The four examples above are only a few of the advantages of shopping at your local butcher. At D’Arcy’s you can build a relationship with our friendly staff in a less intimidating atmosphere than a bustling supermarket. If you have any questions or concerns, contact or visit us today!

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