We all know it: bacon is a staple of the Internet Age. It’s hard to surf food sites or scroll through Facebook without seeing at least a picture of something made with bacon… But really, who can blame us? Bacon is delicious! Here at D’Arcy’s our love of pork goes way beyond just bacon, we really go whole hog. From snout to tail, we have the freshest pork available from the Sturgeon County area less than 15 minutes from our shop.


Early man hunted wild boar, domestic swine’s ancestor and evidence of humans raising pigs goes back thousands of years. Naturally high in protein, modern pork is the leanest and healthiest it has ever been thanks to advancements in genetics, breeding and feeding. Our pork is locally sourced, top quality, and available in a variety of cuts.


Pork is available both cured and fresh. Cured pork is prepared with salt and includes bacon, ham and sausage; fresh pork includes chops, roasts, tenderloin and ribs. We can provide all varieties and can even cater to specialty tastes on request… pig’s feet, anyone? No matter your preference: fatty or lean; smokey or subtle– D’Arcy’s can find the perfect cut for your pork masterpiece.


Are you hog wild for pork, but tired of the same old recipes? Try a low- and slow-smoked pulled pork shoulder on the barbecue. Or feed your inner gourmand with the ultimate foodie treat: tender and crispy pork belly. Or just go ahead and wrap your favourite food in thick-cut bacon and see what happens!

Contact our experts at D’Arcy’s with any questions you might have and visit us for help picking the perfect pork for your plate.

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