GO HOG WILD: D’Arcy’s Ultimate Guide to Your Backyard Pig Roast

Roasted pig with herbs and vegetables

With more and more shows like BBQ Pitmasters and Epic Meal Time becoming popular, the idea of hosting your own large-scale barbecue and backyard party has become a reality. If you want to stand snout and shoulders above the rest, any true meat maestro should attempt roasting a pig on their own.

Sound intimidating? Don’t squeal! Just follow a few simple steps and your dream pig roast can become a reality– your guests will be in hog heaven!


Whoa now, hold on! Before you go and have D’Arcy’s order you up a full pig, make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment. Charcoal and matches are must, of course– but pig roasts often require spit rentals, drip trays, oven mitts, sharp knives for carving, large enough serving platters and implements, power sources and other assorted tools. Not to mention constant attention: make sure you have enough people around willing to help out if needed.

*Tip: Often a spit isn’t enough on its own to hold the pig in place. Use food-safe wire to wrap it tightly to the spit; this will help avoid shifting and falling into the coals.


Remember: the bigger and heavier the pig, the longer it will take to cook. Also, it is generally best to err on the side of being done too early. While many guests like to see the pig spin on the spit, far fewer guests like to wait around until midnight to eat. Start your charcoal early and have the pig ready to go on well ahead of schedule. Factor the pig’s weight and any stuffing added to ensure you leave enough time for it all to be fully cooked. Check the heat of your coals often and add more fuel when necessary.


Roasting an entire pig is a major undertaking, so do not try to accomplish too much at once. Consider having invitees bring sides and appetizers as a potluck, this well help take some of the responsibility off of you. In any case, it’s often best to make a pig roast into a group event– hungry mouths means helping hands! Leave enough space and time for you to prepare and serve the pig, it will help reduce complications in the heat of the moment.

Consult with D’Arcy’s by emailing, calling or visiting us at least month before your planned party. We can offer guidance and source and order a local, ethically-raised pig, tailored to your party size and budget. D’Arcy’s offers spit rental and we can also save you the hassle by roasting your pig for you! Yes, order in advance and we can deliver a perfectly roasted whole pig to your doorstep.

Ready to take the plunge? Contact D’Arcy’s today!

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