Best Wine Pairings for Every Type of Meat

There’s no more perfect form of culinary harmony that the pairing of a delicious wine with a tender cut of meat. And most of us have heard that red wine and red meat complement each other most of the time. But within this simple rule, there’s a subtle and sophisticated spectrum of flavors that contribute to an excellent pairing. And if you don’t have a chef and sommelier preparing most of your meals for you, how can you decide on your own? Once you’ve selected and prepared the best Edmonton meats, how can you raise the meal to the next level with a perfect wine choice?

Here are a few wine pairing tips that can bring out the flavor of beautiful dishes made with the best Edmonton meats.

Edmonton Meat and Wine Pairings

Lighter cuts of meat that are still considered red blend elegantly with rich red varietals like pinot noir. These include rabbit, lamb, lamb stew, roast pork, and pork tenderloin.

A lighter red varietal like zinfandel goes well with all of these, but also pairs with beef dishes like hamburgers, beef goulash, beef teriyaki, beef curry, and barbequed beef ribs.

A heavy red like Syrah goes well with roasted game, venison, wild boar, beef stew, lamb chops and lamb kabobs.

Choose a strong red Malbec for liver, steak, and roast beef.

Turn to white wine for most poultry, fish, and some rabbit and pork dishes. A sweet or dry Riesling, for example, blends well with pork spareribs, ham, rabbit chops, and rabbit stew.

Duck, quail, rabbit, and venison are flavorful meats which do well with red burgundy or Beaujolais from France. But they’re also complimented by whites like an oaky chardonnay.

Chicken, goose and turkey thrive with rich reds, but they’re at their best with fruity zinfandel, classic Chianti, or a delicious California sauvignon blanc.

For more guidance on pairing the right wine with a specific cut of meat, contact D’arcy’s Meats. We offer the freshest and best Edmonton meats for delicious and memorable meals.

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