RAISE THE STEAKS: Choosing & Preparing the Right Cut


Okay– what did you just think of: A t-bone on the grill? A five-star, bacon-wrapped filet at a French bistro? The classic steak sandwich? They all have one thing in common: steak! Steak seems simple at first blush, but it is another thing entirely to face the endless choices and options available in supermarket coolers and menus these days.

Next time you want to raise the stakes, consult the following cheat sheet to make sure you pick the right cut for the job.


A favourite of the beef-obsessed, ribeyes are packed with flavour thanks to their high fat content and deep marbling. Also served bone-in as the Cowboy steak, ribeyes can withstand longer cooking without losing much moisture or any of their rich, beefy flavour. Cut from near the rib, as the name implies.

Suggested serving: Grill your ribeye with a favourite veggie & a loaded baked potato.


Widely served as a New York or Kansas strip, boneless strip steaks are extremely popular cuts of beef. The all-around champ of steaks, strips have moderate to good size, marbling, tenderness and flavour– not excelling in any one category, but not failing in any either. Fat on strip steaks is easy to trim off and they are also simple to cook and eat.

Suggested serving: Hearty steak sandwich on garlic toast with braised mushrooms.


Also served as the filet, filet mignon or Chateaubriand– the tenderloin is, as its name says, the most tender cut of beef available. Low in fat, it is a delicate cut that is best served elegantly with subtle flavours. Overcooking and overseasoning are major faux pas when preparing tenderloin cuts. High in price, but a staple in high end restaurants.

Suggested serving: Bacon-wrapped filet mignon with roasted seasonal vegetables.


The t-bone and its big brother the Porterhouse are essentially two steaks in one. The bone of its namesake splits the steak into two distinct sections. The smaller, rounder half is a cut from the tenderloin, while the longer, narrower half is cut from the same section as a strip steak. Not just for looks, the two sections of a t-bone offer the differing tastes of each section of beef. Preparation can be tricky, but bear in mind that the tenderloin half cooks faster and you will have the biggest difficulty handled straight out of the gate.

Suggested serving: Grilled, on a plate. Add pepper or a favourite steak sauce. Dig in.

Have more questions about steak? Call or visit us at D’Arcy’s and we will turn you into a steak expert in time for your next big dinner, cookout or even for just looking like a hotshot the next time you visit a steakhouse. All steaks can be ordered and cut to specification for any meal or occasion. Not sure how to prepare your steak? Our employees are expert carnivores and can help with advice and delicious recipes.

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