GIVE YOURSELF AN EDGE: The Importance of a Sharp Kitchen Knife

Knives in a kitchen drawer

We’ve all done it before: you head to the drawer or knife block, you grab a trusty blade, you go to work on an onion or a tomato and you slide the knife right back where it came from after a quick scrub. Some of us may even forego proper storage or, worse yet, put it in the dishwasher. Professional chefs would cringe at the idea of not checking your knife’s edge before use, let alone the rough treatment that can further dull or damage the blade. A sharp knife saves time, effort and injuries – it is the most important tool in any home cook’s arsenal.


  • Food slips away when cutting or chopping;
  • Difficult to cut through rinds or skins;
  • Delicate foods are damaged by the knife;
  • Inaccurate or uneven slices;
  • Chopping seems to take a long time;
  • You often knick or cut your fingers;
  • Blade is visibly damaged or feels less sharp than usual.


Honing steels are a type of steel, ceramic or diamond rod often included in knife sets. When used correctly, these tools can re-align irregularities in a knife’s edge– making it sharper through friction or abrasion. Incorrect use can damage a knife.

Whetstones and grinders can be used at home, but often require a steady, trained hand and a careful eye. Overzealous sharpeners can damage or break a blade, which can be dangerous if safety precautions are not taken.

D’Arcy’s sharpening service is a hassle-free option where you can drop your knives off with us. We will use our years of expertise to put a professional edge on your blades and return them in time for you next big meal.

A sharp knife is accurate and predictable – two key elements that help prevent accidental slips that can be painful and dangerous. Not only will you work faster with a sharp knife, you will also work more efficiently. No more wasted effort on squished tomatoes or thick cuts of meat. In charge of the holiday roast or bird this year? Have your knife sharpened at D’Arcy’s today and impress your guests with an expertly carved spread.

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