RAISE THE STEAKS: Why Buy Steak at a Butcher Shop?

Selection of meat at a butcher shop

Predicting the weather, playing blackjack, picking out a cut of meat… there are some things we tell ourselves we’re good at, but we know deep down there’s a science to it that we have yet to master. This is where a good butcher like D’Arcy’s comes in! Don’t waste your time staring into a giant cooler, trying to unlock the secrets of cellophane-wrapped steaks with your hidden mind powers– just call, email or visit and our experienced staff will customize your order to your exact needs and specifications.

Still want to unlock some of those secrets? The list below contains several reasons why you should buy your next steak at D’Arcy’s!


Tell your butcher what recipe you are cooking or what you envision as the end product. They may ask a few questions, but it is only to determine the perfect cut to meet your needs. Think of your butcher like a caddy, but instead of golf clubs they know which cut of meat suits each situation.


“Steak” is a popular favourite food, but ask a butcher for steak and he’ll ask: “What kind?” There are dozens of varieties of steak, each with their own advantages and disadvantages– depending on the situation. Ribeye, strip, tenderloin, t-bone, Porterhouse, Flat Iron… and the list goes on! Serving size and style vary from one to the next, but all can be delicious in the right context. Your butcher is a wealth of information on the different cuts of steak and their purpose.


Lesser widely known steaks like tri-tip or sirloin can outstrip their “cheap” status with proper grilling or even a simple marinade. World famous BBQ pitmasters and gourmet chefs alike have made their fortune by taking so-called lesser cuts of meat to the next level. Looking for something special that won’t break the bank? Ask your butcher for suggestions next time you’re looking to grill something different.


Compare a butcher’s counter to a supermarket cooler– what’s different? At a butcher like D’Arcy’s the meat is open in a sealed cooler, while supermarket meat suffocates in cling wrap and styrofoam. Not only can packaging negatively affect optimum moisture levels in the meat, but you also cannot inspect the entire product. Our butchers will gladly show you every cut available, helping you pick the right one for you needs.

Steak Tips

  • Look for a rich, red colour in the meat of the steak
  • Good marbling– threads of fat throughout the cut– is key to a tender steak
  • Any meat with a sour or ammonia smell is not fresh & should be returned
  • Overly sticky or tacky-feeling beef should be returned
  • Read the fine print: flashy labels don’t tell the whole story!
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