HALF A COW, MAN: The Advantages of Buying a Side of Beef

So you want to buy your beef in bulk. This is a good decision for many reasons, but first some facts.

How is beef sold in bulk?

Beef is generally sold in sides ranging from 300-400 pounds on average, which is almost literally half of a cow. When you buy a side of beef, you are not getting 300 pounds of your favourite cuts– cows are not just all sirloins and t-bones. Steaks, roasts, ribs, brisket and a wide variety of grindable meat and usable bones are all produced out of one side of beef. Consider investing in one or many other households and splitting the cost and sheer amount of beef between the group.

Where do I buy sides of beef or whole cows?

If you are interested in investing in a side or whole cow, consult with us here at D’Arcy’s first. We can give you detailed information on our local, high-quality suppliers and we can clearly outline your options for how the beef will be butchered. Depending on availability, bulk orders of beef need to be ordered in advance.

Now that you know some of the nuts and bolts of buying in bulk, here are some benefits of investing in large portions of beef:


Many local or small-scale beef farmers can only afford to sell in larger amounts. Buying beef directly from the farmer through a reputable butcher like D’Arcy’s will nurture local food development and support sustainable practices.


While the initial investment may seem steep, buying in bulk can actually be cheaper over the long term when compared to grocery store prices. Your savings on beef alone could cover the cost of a new deep freeze (including the energy to run it) in a year or so. Splitting a larger investment across more households can also lead to even more substantial savings.


Prefer grass fed, hormone-free beef? By choosing your beef provider directly, you can avoid confusing corporate and government labels and have meat raised the way you want it to be raised. Bulk beef orders can also be butchered to specification, down to the very last pound.


Buying directly in bulk and eating locally can reduce the scope and need for factory farming, which is extremely harmful to the environment. Use your dollar to support beef producers that raise their animals humanely and responsibly: it benefits the entire planet.

Still unsure if you are ready for hundreds of pounds of beef? Don’t worry, we got you. Come into D’Arcy’s with any questions and concerns you might have of buying local, high quality beef in bulk. We’re happy to help!

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