BUTCHERS’ BEST-KEPT SECRETS: The Truth from Behind the Counter

Male butcher hanging meat on hook in shop

Since we are the ones that handle the meat from some of its earliest stages, D’Arcy’s butchers have seen it all. From exotic game to how the sausage is made – our staff is proud to be a fountain of knowledge for any customers that walk through our door. Below is a peek at some of our industry secrets that we’re passing along for your benefit. Read on!


Flatiron steak: a tender, juicy steak often overlooked for its less recognizable shape.
Short ribs: affordable and delicious when braised long over low temperatures.
Rump medallion: lean and meaty with all the juiciness and tenderness of fattier cuts.
Hanger steak: only one per animal – a flavourful cut that excels when marinated.
Bone marrow: a ‘peasant dish’ classic that is exploding in gourmet circles.
Lamb neck: intense lamb flavour from a part of the animal that is often wasted.
Organs, etc: odds and ends such as bellies, sweetbreads and suet are considered delicacies in many cuisines.
Venison & other wild game: adds all new flavours and textures to any dish or cookout. D’Arcy’s offers special orders or even custom game carving.


Separable lean: when a cut of meat has all visible, exterior fat removed.
Separable lean and fat: when a cut of meat is left with its external fat.
Bias slice: cutting perpendicular to or against the grain of the meat; allows for clean, even slices.
Matchstick: adds another cut to bias sliced meat, producing narrow strips.
Cubed: just like it sounds, good for stewing or braising meat.
Minced or ground: finely chopped or pulverized; can be made from any quality or kind of meat.


Are you a hunter or have one in the family? Invested in an animal share, but butchering is extra? Consider D’Arcy’s for your next custom meat cutting order. We can tailor your order to your preference, whether it is deer, elk or any other kind of freshly caught game – even hand-raised livestock. Call ahead and book your custom order today. Availability is limited and spots fill up quickly!

There you have it, a few good nuggets of wisdom from your friendly, neighbourhood butchers here at D’Arcy’s Meat Market. Are you curious about any of the items or services above? Looking for something you don’t see on our site or blog? Visit or contact us today – our helpful staff can answer any questions or concerns you might have thanks to our years of experience.

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