Grass Fed Beef: A Nutritious Choice for Health Conscious People

At this point, most educated eaters have been exposed to some of the serious problems affecting the Canadian and U.S. beef industry, and they understand the ways these problems impact the environment and work their way into the food chain. In fact, many consumers have turned away from beef entirely in recent years and have never looked back. But for those who are struggling to let go of unhealthy beef raised in concentrated animal feeding operations, we offer a healthy alternative: grass fed beef. Here’s how grass fed beef addresses the most serious beef-related consumer concerns:

1. CAFOs: stockyard cows are typically packed together in overcrowded conditions and fed grain-based feeds, which can harm their health and natural digestive systems. Cows aren’t meant to eat grain. They need grass. And when they get what they need, their health improves and so does ours.

2. Antibiotic use: When cows are fed healthy, appropriate food and given the opportunity to move naturally, they aren’t as exposed to infections and illness. So they don’t require massive doses of antibiotics, which can raise antibiotics resistance levels in humans and cows alike.

3. Environmental damage: grain based feeds are planted, fertilized, treated with chemical pesticides, harvested, processed and shipped in ways that require massive dependence on fossil fuels. Grass grows in the ground, and then is eaten. When it comes to carbon footprints, there’s no comparison.

4. Cruelty: Grass fed cows live easier lives. Better treatment means lower stress levels, which means lower levels of circulating stress hormones caused by fear, illness, overcrowding, injury and pain. Again, a healthier cow in the field means healthier meat on the table.

For more information about the benefits of grass fed beef—for the earth, the cows, your family and yourself—ask the Edmonton meat experts at D’Arcy’s Meat Market.

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