BRAISE THE STEAKS: Flavourful, Affordable Braising Steak

Beef Stew

The most common and universal steak available on the market anywhere in the world is generally known as braising steak. Also known as stewing beef, braising steak includes chuck, skirt, leg and flank portions of the cow. Considered less desirable due to long cooking times, braising steak is an affordable alternative that is as rich and delicious as any filet– but only when prepared correctly!


Similar to a modern ‘pot roast,’ braised beef is a very common preparation dating back to ancient times. A tough cut of meat is tenderized by cooking it in a liquid, using low heat over a long period of time. The gentle cooking procedure also deeply infuses the seasoning and herbs added to the dish, allowing flavours to mingle and deepen in complexity.


When choosing your cuts of braising steak, look for even marbling of fat and connective tissue. These will break down throughout the braising process to bring out natural flavour and a velvety texture. Overly lean cuts will remain tough or require even longer to cook to desired tenderness. If you know what you want ahead of time, have your D’Arcy’s butcher prepare your cuts to order.


The following is only a sample of the many braised dishes found across all cultures:

– Hot pot;
– Tajine;
– Beef bourguignon;
– Coq au vin;
– Goulash;
– Chicken cacciatore;
– Swiss steak;
– Pot roast;
– Osso bucco;
– Adobo.

With prices climbing, you may be giving high-quality Alberta beef an unfair shake if you are passing it up at the butcher’s counter. A great-tasting beef dish does not require an expensive cut, thanks to braising steak. Interested in making a braised beef dish for your next hot meal? Contact or visit D’Arcy’s today and our staff will ensure you leave with the right cut and the best cooking tips.

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