Summer is here! Of course summer means grilling and every backyard chef is looking for a new flavour to complete the barbecue experience. Whether you want the perfect burger, shish-kebab, smokie or even steak: look no further than bison! Lean, flavorful bison is becoming commonplace everywhere from neighbourhood cafes to Michelin-star restaurants. Tender yet high in protein and nutrients, bison has everything you could ask for in a meat. Read on to learn more about where it comes from and its health benefits.


Sometimes called “buffalo,” North American bison are in fact only distantly related to the true buffalo of Asia and Africa. Bison are indigenous to North America and covered much of the continent in vast numbers long before the introduction of traditional cattle. The original red meat of the Plains First Nations, bison became overhunted in the 1800s but the population has been since restored to over half a million. Canada– Alberta specifically– is a world leader in bison production, so all of our bison at D’Arcy’s is AAA graded and locally raised.


Bison is absolutely the healthiest red meat on the market. Lower in calories than traditional beef, bison is also meatier. In a same-size serving, bison provides almost twice the amount of protein as beef! Bison is low in fat and cholesterol, while high in vitamins (B12, B6, iron, niacin and more) and essential fatty acids (omega-3 and -6). All of this means a non-greasy, fast-cooking red meat alternative that you can easily substitute into any of your favourite recipes.


Want to try bison, but not sure how to use it? Consider replacing ground beef with ground bison to make a leaner burger or chili with a flavour all its own. Bison jerky and bison smokies are easy ways to introduce it to the kids and a 21-day aged bison steak will win over any size of carnivore.

Contact our experts at D’Arcy’s with any questions you might have and visit us for more suggestions on how to prepare bison for your summer barbecue and beyond!

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