One thing is for sure: people are hungry for change, not just food at good prices. We don’t only see meat on our dinner plates anymore– demand for livestock to be cared for humanely is increasing across the board. Chicken, the staple of all staples, is no exception. Poultry production has changed a great deal over the last decade, expanding to accommodate evolving perspectives and tastes. D’Arcy’s is a leader in this field by being a champion and retailer of local, hormone-free, antibiotic-free chicken.


D’Arcy’s chicken is locally sourced from nearby poultry farms. This means we know our farmers and they know us. We have a real relationship with the people that tend the chickens that we sell and we aim to keep it that way. Local means supporting a member of your community. Local means less greenhouses gases created by large-scale shipping. Local means you are making a statement on where you want your food to come from and how you want it to be handled.


Performance enhancing drugs are banned from all sports and pastimes, so why would we want them anywhere near our food? D’Arcy’s only sells hormone-free chicken. Chickens raised without hormones age and grow naturally, instead of bloated for more meat and a quicker trip to your table. Support a more biologically appropriate and humane method of poultry production by choosing hormone-free meat exclusively.


Another feature of mass-produced chicken is the use of antibiotics. While these drugs prevent disease, they are usually used only because disease is prevalent in overcrowded, massive poultry production facilities. Many of these diseases can be better avoided by allowing more space and freedom for the chickens. Moreover, overuse of antibiotics has created “superbugs” that could ravage poultry populations. The only way to slow or reverse this is by making the consumer choice to support antibiotic-free chicken like ours at D’Arcy’s.

Whether you’re shopping for boneless breasts to shred for Taco Tuesday or a whole bird for Sunday dinner, consider D’Arcy’s local, hormone-free, antibiotic-free chicken for you and your family. It’s the humane and healthy choice for chickens and humans alike. If you have any questions about our chicken or other local products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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