Getting to Know your Local Traditional Butcher Shop

Traditional Butcher Shop Meat Counter

In recent years, the “age of convenience” has accustomed consumers to getting everything in one place at a bargain price. While certainly convenient, that system often leads to lower quality product and inconsistent customer service. Those are just some of the reasons more people have given up supermarket aisles for a more traditional or “old-style” butcher shop experience. D’Arcy’s Butcher Shop welcomes all customers– (even first-timers!)– and our staff is experienced, friendly and hands-on.

Read on for a brief summary of what to expect at your local, traditional butcher shop.


Butchery is one of the world’s oldest professions with traditions and practices dating back to the first humans to ever use tools. Of course modern, commercial slaughter and butchering is radically different from the first hunters and their stone knives. In fact, the sheer volume of meat required to supply supermarkets has led to wide usage of practices that reduce the overall quality. A supermarket butcher has likely never met the person who slaughters their meat, let alone the animal. D’Arcy’s Meats is a traditional style butcher shop, meaning we work closely with our suppliers, ensuring animals receive humane and ethical treatment– sourced locally and organically whenever possible.


Supermarkets rarely work with full animal carcasses; instead they purchase high numbers of pre-cut sections that provide popular cuts of meat. These bulk portions are churned out to meet a demand for quantity, not quality. D’Arcy’s butchers buy and cut from whole animals, ensuring a close inspection for quality throughout the entire process. This makes less popular, but just as delicious cuts available to our customers as well as harder-to-find, specialty cuts and meats. Our staff can work with you to build custom orders tailored to your needs– whether you’re feeding a small family or a huge crowd!


Tired of pale, unappetizing slabs of meat crammed into styrofoam and plastic wrap? Frustrated with limited selection or impersonal staff at the supermarket? Then plan your next visit to D’Arcy’s! We have many years of experience providing top-notch product and customer service because we know that’s what it takes to earn and keep your business. From advice for one-time, specialty orders to taking care of your family’s staples– you can rely on D’Arcy’s to deliver a better tasting product, produced ethically at competitive prices.

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