Five Important Questions To Ask Your Edmonton Butcher

These five questions will help you make the best decisions at the butcher’s.

The recent influx of documentaries and books about where our foods come from has created savvier shoppers and people are beginning to think about food in new ways. Most agree that eating clean, safe and healthy foods is most important, so when it comes to purchasing meat we have come up with five questions that will help you make the best decisions at your Edmonton Butcher shop.

1. Are your meats locally sourced?

Local sourcing supports employment and the economy in your community. It also fosters stronger inter-business relationships. Buying locally sourced meats is a great way to support your St. Albert / Edmonton community.

2. Does your beef come from grass-fed cattle?

Beef from grass-fed cattle is more environmentally-friendly, healthier and leaner than beef from grain-fed cattle. The beef from grass-fed cows contains up to a third less fat per serving, is associated with fewer bouts of food sickness and even tastes better than that from grain-fed cows.

3. Do you carry gluten-free meats?

Most fish and fresh meats are safe for gluten-free consumers, but products with added ingredients may not be safe to eat if you have Celiac’s disease or avoid gluten. Before you buy products like hot dogs or smoked sausages, ask if they contain gluten.

4. Are your meats organic?

Organic products are made in ways that care for the environment. This means that organic meats come from animals that freely graze on pastures free of herbicides, pesticides and other man-made chemical contaminants. It also means that they have been raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. Whenever you can, choose organic meats to get the best possible flavor and health benefits.

5. What do you recommend?

Your Edmonton Butcher knows far more than just how to slice meat. They also know the best ways to prepare, store and cook it, so do not hesitate to ask for advice. They will be more than happy to share their knowledge, and you will get a delicious meal!

At D’Arcy’s Meat Market, we’re always on the hunt for the best quality local meats. Call us if you’re looking for a specific cut, or a special meat!

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