D’Arcy’s Meats: Best Meat Shop for Wild Game Processing in the Edmonton Area

Reliable, high quality wild game processing in Edmonton isn’t always easy to come by, but if you’re one of the many hunters in our area who’s returning from a weekend trip with an elk, deer, or brace of game birds, bring your prize to D’Arcy’s Meats. Here are a few reasons to trust D’Arcy’s with your game processing needs.

D’Arcy’s Meats: Why Choose the Best Meat Shop in Edmonton for Deer and Game Processing?

We know meat. And most important, we know wild meat. We’ve been specializing in exotic meats for years, and our regular offerings including the highest quality cuts of bison, ostrich, and game like yours. We can tell a cleanly and beautifully cut steak from a mediocre one, because we only sell meat that makes us proud.

We’ll make sure you get the most meat and the highest value from your kill. Our steaks are cut to maximize clean bone removal and plate readiness.

Note: When we process whole carcasses, the customer does leave with less meat than they came because we remove the strong tasting wild fat. The dried out age is also cut off the exterior of the carcass and we remove any bruising around the bullet wound. This produces a milder tasting product that is safe to eat!When we process trimmings into sausage the customer leaves with what they brought in!

We’re sausage experts. Game sausage is one of our specialties, and our deer and elk sausage are the best you’ll find anywhere in the province.

We work fast. Our turnaround times for wild game processing are high, so your meat stays fresh without compromise in cut quality.

We accept all wild game by appointment only. Please do not drop off any meat without contacting us first. Also, we do not accept dirty animals, so hunters should take care to properly dress their games.

When you leave your deer or elk or small game with our game processors, you know you’re placing your trust in the best meat shop in Edmonton. Put our years of experience to the test, and chances are you’ll come back again season after season.

Note: It is the hunter’s responsibility to follow all Alberta Fish and Wildlife regulations while transporting their meat to the butcher shop! Please ensure that you meet all requirements before dropping off animals or trimmings. Not meeting these requirements will result in your meat not being accepted. No frozen carcasses please.

Call us for details, or visit The Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations for complete guides. (Page 41 of Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations)

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