PATTY PARTY: 5 Burger Ideas, from Classics to Instant-Classics

Ah, the humble hamburger– a North American innovation that has since taken the world by storm. Once strictly the realm of the eaters of red flesh, a burger’s golden ratio of carbs, condiments, veggies and protein has been championed by all cuisines and diets. Whether you enjoy a grilled chicken breast on a multigrain bun or you stack up multiple beef patties smothered in cheese or even if you eat cruelty- and gluten-free… There is a burger for you! D’Arcy’s Meat Market is proud to present our five burger ideas for the summer, from classics to instant-classics!

#1: We heart Alberta beef.

Since we all live in the heart of cattle country, we believe it is our duty to support the ranchers around us. Considering the quality we have access to in exchange, it is hardly a fair deal! Alberta beef is used in elite kitchens worldwide, but it is just as at home sizzling on your grill. The classic burger is made of ground chuck with relatively high fat content, something D’Arcy’s carries daily– but we can always grind a custom mix tailored to your needs. Consider combining three parts ground beef with one part ground veal; the added fat and flavour will give your backyard burgers a gourmet flair!

#2: Shades of red.

Alberta’s agricultural economy supports a huge diversity of livestock, which is also supplemented by legal hunting: bison; mutton and lamb; venison, elk, boar and other “game” meat; and even rarer delicacies, such as hare or horse. While most of these meats are too lean to form a juicy burger on their own, adding in a portion of fattier ground chuck will have your diners asking for your secret ingredient. D’Arcy’s carries many of these varieties regularly, but we can also handle special orders– hunters: we are happy to butcher your latest catch or kill.

#3: Plant-based patties.

You may be a vegan or vegetarian that cooks for meat-eaters, you may be an omnivore that cooks for a herbivore… No matter the situation, D’Arcy’s cares about you too! Portobello mushroom caps, grain-based patties (store-bought or made from scratch), falafels, cauliflower or sweet potato “cakes,” even a hefty pineapple ring are all great options to grill and serve on a bun. Feel free to browse our wide selection of seasonings and sauces– it doesn’t have to taste like meat, but it does have to taste good!

#4: Sustainable sandwiches.

Whether you are looking for a healthier or more sustainable option, many people enjoy building a burger around grilled poultry, pork or seafood. These meats are leaner in fat and still go well with many of the classic hamburger toppings and condiments. Further to that, they can be customized to their own flavour in innovative ways! Try a grilled pork patty on french bread, topped with bahn mi fixings like cilantro and hoisin sauce. Expand your horizons with a Tex-Mex inspired chicken bacon ranch burger or dive into flavour with a salmon steak burger dressed with tartar sauce and seaweed salad.

#5: Grill like a gourmet.

If you have tried all of the above and you still crave fresh options, D’Arcy’s can help! Why not try a cheeseburger? Oh, not just a slice of cheddar on beef– try grating it and packing it inside your patty… when the molten cheese oozes out: it’s ready! From herbed butter to habanero peppers, there’s no limit to what can be mixed into a ground meat patty. If you are using a chop, steak or other thick cuts of meat and vegetable, do not underestimate the power of marinating it overnight in bold flavours. Finally, always experiment by completing your burgers with new sauces, in-season fruits or veggies, sour or sweet pickles and any variety of bread (as long as it’s fresh).

The five ideas above are only a sampling of the infinite varieties of burgers you can create– the sky’s the limit! D’Arcy’s is ready to help you craft your perfect burger, no matter your tastes or dietary needs. Contact or visit us today with any questions you might have… Then get grilling!

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