Mexican Chorizo
Mexican Chorizo
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Mexican Chorizo

D'Arcy's Meat Market

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We make our Mexican Chorizo from scratch in house using local Alberta Pork.

Why is Mexican Chorizo different from Spanish Chorizo? Did you know that when the Spaniards were colonizing Central America they would ship wine across the ocean in large wooden casks and often the wine would spoil turning into wine vinegar! Not wanting to drink it, it would be used in sausage production after arriving in Mexico! To this day Spanish chorizo typically contains wine and Mexican chorizo would use wine vinegar or vinegar. 

They're meaty without any unnecessary fillers or fats. Expect a quality sausage with a bit of a kick your whole family will love. Add to tacos, or eat for breakfast with eggs. 

Each Pack contains 4 sausages at 400g or more. 

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