Furtado Farms Sugar Maple Cookwood 20kg

Furtado Farms Sugar Maple Cookwood 20kg

D'Arcy's Meat Market

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These Cookwood Logs are seasoned one year at a minimum in the great outdoors. They’re cut into 12″ lengths and split into a diameter of approximately 2″-4″ to fit most smoker fireboxes.

The logs are perfect for offset smokers, barrel smokers, charcoal and wood grills, as well as pizza ovens.

With a lower moisture content, they burn hotter and longer producing maximum heat output all while providing plenty of smoke and flavour in the process.

They’re great for starting a fire, burning logs down into coals and grilling over, creating 100% natural coals for cooking!

Sugar Maple Logs produce a mild and slightly sweet smoke flavour that pairs well with most meats.

Our Sugar Maple is sourced from the same trees that produce Canada's Famous maple syrup.

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