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FULL BBQ PACK INCLUDES:                 

5lb. AAA Top Sirloin Steak
5lb. Boneless Pork Chops
5lb. D'Arcy's Recipe Hot Dogs
5lb. D'Arcy's Recipe Smokies
5lb. Signature Sausages (Mix and Match from 11 flavours)
12 x 6 oz Pork/Beef Hamburger Patties
5lb. Lean Ground Beef
1 x Whole Chicken (4-6 lb.) 



2.5lb. AAA Top Sirloin Steak
2.5lb. Boneless Pork Chops
2.5b. D'Arcy's Recipe Hot Dogs
2.5lb. D'Arcy's Recipe Smokies
2.5lb. Signature Sausages (Mix and Match from 11 flavours)
6 x 6 oz Pork/Beef Hamburger Patties
2.5lb. Lean Ground Beef
1 x Half Chicken (2-3 lb.) OR 3lb. Chicken Drumsticks


Signature Sausages available include: Breakfast, Maple Breakfast, Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Andouille, Mexican Chorizo, Spanish Chorizo, Loukaniko, Brazilian Linguica, Medisterpolse, and Boerewors.

You'd get to choose approximately 4-6 packs of sausage with a Full Sized BBQ Pack and 2-3 packs of sausage with a Half Sized BBQ Pack. You can let us know your selection in the Notes section at check out. 

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