Smoked and Sliced Brisket

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Brisket is perfect for sandwiches or as the main meat when feeding a large crowd. Add a side of buns and some sides for a perfect meal everyone will love. It takes 12 hours or more to prepare properly and is meticulously smoked overnight using real hardwood for an authentic smoked meat taste. 

Brisket is the most popular of all the smoked meats and commonly referred to as the 'King' of the big 4 smoked meats (brisket, pork shoulder, pork side ribs, and chicken). Brisket has a lean side, know as the flat, and a fatty side , known as the point. These too sides make it the perfect option for feeding a large gathering because you'll have something for everyone. 

All Smoked Meat Catering is picked up at D'Arcy's Smokehouse Restaurant - #32, 275 Carnegie Dr., St. Albert, AB. We require a minimum of 15 servings and 1 weeks notice as well as payment in full to reserve your catering.  Catering is not eligible for dine in or delivery. Payment and booking is also accepted in person at the Restaurant. 

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