The Advantages of Meat Packs

Are you looking to stock up and save money when it comes to meat?

Buying meat packs is a great way to cut down your grocery bill but there are other amazing advantages as well!

Check out these benefits as well as some tips on how to put together a meat pack and store it properly:

1. Meat Packs Save You Money

When you buy food in bulk, you save money - this is no different when it comes to meat! Many butcher shops will offer a discount when you buy larger amounts of meat.

Plus, you can more easily portion out multiple meals when you buy a meat pack. You can freeze smaller portions or put together freezer meals such as chili, stews, and more!

2. Meat Packs Require Fewer Trips to the Store

Whether you want to save on gas, reduce your carbon footprint, or just don’t feel like going to the grocery store all of the time, buying meat packs will save you from making multiple trips!

Just stock up on what you need, portion out your purchase, and enjoy always having fresh meat ready for your delicious meals!

3. Meat Packs Are Environmentally Friendly

Speaking of being environmentally friendly, not only are you cutting down on gas by not frequenting the grocery store but buying meat peaks also helps to reduce the amount of packaging used.

Meat from the grocery store often comes packaged in styrofoam and plastic that is terrible for the environment! When you buy your meat in bulk, less packaging is used.

4. Meat Packs Ensure You Always Have Meat On Hand!

We’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth mentioning again - buying meat packs means that you will always have meat to satisfy your cravings!

So instead of running to the store or being tempted by a fast-food restaurant to satisfy your burger craving, invest in meat packs and keep your fridge and freezer fully stocked.

Putting Together the Perfect Meat Pack

Now that you know the benefits of buying meat packs, how do you choose the right one?

Many butchers offer a variety of options when it comes to meat packs, so here are some tips for putting together the perfect one:


Consider Your Favorite Meals

When it comes to meat, what do you like to eat? Are you an avid barbecue-er? Do you love your red meat?

Or are you simply looking for a variety of meats for a variety of recipes?

Look for a meat pack that contains the type of meat you will actually cook. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, grab a variety of meats and experiment with different recipes!

Look At Your Budget

Meat packs are available at a wide range of prices, so there’s always one that will fit your budget!

And don’t give in to sticker chock. Yes, a meat pack is going to look expensive but pay attention to what it contains - because you will save money on the product in the end.

Just remember that the more you can invest now, the more you will save. Just make sure you stay within your spending budget.

Look For Variety

In order to satisfy your budget and purchase a meat pack that accommodates your meal preferences, look for butcher shops that offer a variety of meat packs.

For instance, at D’Arcy’s Meats, we offer meat packs for BBQ lovers, grill lovers, as well as variety packs that include steaks, sausages, and chicken. Everything you need!

Consider Custom Additions

If a butcher doesn’t have what you are looking for, don’t be afraid to ask! Many will fill custom requests to ensure that you receive the perfect meat pack!

How to Prep and Store Your Meat Pack

There’s no point in buying a meat pack if you don’t store it properly!

In the fridge, fresh steaks, chops, and roasts can last up to 5 days. Ground meats and whole poultry, however, are only good in the fridge for a day or two.

In the freezer, whole cuts of meat can last for a year but you may start noticing a decline in quality after 4 months. Ground meats should be used within 4 months of freezing and sausages are typically only good for 2 months.

Poultry pieces, such as chicken and turkey, are only good for about 9 months in the freezer.

To get the best results with your meat pack, freeze as soon as possible. If you freeze meat at the peak of freshness, you’ll maximize its freezer-life and have a tastier product when thawed.

Use freezer bags to separate your meat and write the date before storing it in the freezer.


Here at D’Arcy’s Meats, our meat boxes and freezer packs are the perfect solutions for stocking up on fresh products and saving money!

We guarantee the best selection of high-quality meats.

Contact us today for more information or if you are interested in ordering a fresh meat pack.

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